Open Studios

Open Studios and Equipment for Students and Grads

Open Studios & Equipment | Motion Picture Institute | Troy, MI - Open_SudiosImagine walking into your own production studio with a soundstage, edit bays, conference and meeting rooms, and access to professional film gear.  Students have access to these facilities while attending The Motion Picture Production Program for training and to produce their film projects.

Motion Picture Institute inventories and maintains film and digital camera packages from Arri, Canon, GoPro and RED.

These along with lighting, grip, electric and field audio kits are available to students to sign out for location shoots or on the stage.  When they wrap students can edit their projects from start to finish in the Motion Picture Institute Edit Lab where they can pick one of over twenty workstations featuring Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Avid, and DaVinci. 

Gear for grads is a privilege Motion Picture Institute offers alumni that allows them to access school gear for independent projects.  For a small fee equipment even facilities such as the edit lab or stage are open to grads to continue working on their own projects or commercial endeavors for clients.