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Michigan's oldest and most reputable film school

I really loved my experience at MPI. The focused hands on training and amazing instructors gave me the confidence to start my own production studio. Marco Aluia

About MPI: Train here. Go anywhere.

In 1995, we opened the doors of MPI to provide aspiring filmmakers a training ground where they can develop their craft, access professional tools of the trade and determine a logical career path, all within a cost effective and supportive environment.

Learn why students chose Motion Picture Institute | Reputable Film School - building

As a technical career school in Michigan, Motion Picture Institute offers students a highly focused and practical film education on par with the many of the top university degree programs but at a fraction of the time and tuition. In a field that does not require a degree Motion Picture Institute offers the training and networking that is.

Motion Picture Institute stays current with state of the art technology, provides hands-on experience that stresses technique over theory and teaches a creative curriculum that challenges student imaginations. Most important, we give our students a supportive environment with personalized attention where they can explore their interests.

Our Motion Picture Actors Program is counterpart to the film program and trains students how to perform in film and television through the process of acting in actual film projects.

Motion Picture Institute attracts students worldwide. We continue to be the launching point for hundreds of film professionals who now work all over the world from Los Angeles to Paris. Our students "train here" but "go everywhere" with the skills, knowledge, and experience they've earned.

Motion Picture Institute is licensed by the State of Michigan's Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Proprietary School Unit since 1998. The school was founded by independent filmmakers Doug Schulze and Kurt Mayry in 1995.

Motion Picture Institute is also a member of the Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools (MACCS) and Digital Animation, Film and Television (DAFT).