A Day in the Life of an Acting Student

We provide a studio atmosphere surrounded by fledgling filmmakers, practical training in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment.

When our actors come to class they are put to work rehearsing and preparing for the numerous on-camera performances they experience throughout the program. They are offered a variety of methods and techniques so they may find the one that works best.

A Day in the Life of Acting Student | Motion Picture Institute Troy, MI - Day_in_life_Act

Our acting students are challenged each week with in-class exercises and techniques that explore behaviors, emotions, attitudes and beliefs that are applied to their work.   Each course builds on a sequence of skill development.  From understanding and finding the methodology that works best to delivering a believable performance when cameras roll. Assignments require memorization, character study, voice and movement, and continuity.   As the school year progresses, students are encouraged to audition for student film projects outside of class.  In the later stages of the program students  learn the essential life skills for surviving as an actor and seeking out work.  Their final performance is the Acting Thesis project; a full scale film production in which they have a featured roll. 

Students study, prepare, rehearse, and perform.  Those performances are critiqued and evaluated then directed and explored.

This practical experience gives them the opportunity to improve their skills in the art of acting, find a technique that works, take direction, hit their marks, audition, seek out work, audition, land a role and survive as an actor.