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1 Year Hands-On Filmmaking Program in Michigan

The Motion Picture Production Program

This 1-year filmmaking program gives students the skills to become a complete filmmaker. Our hands-on curriculum has students writing, producing, directing, and editing numerous film projects throughout the year. Our diverse and all-inclusive filmmaking courses taught by film industry professionals enable students to make informative decisions on where to specialize their filmmaking careers.

Students from around the U.S. including those who hail from Chicago, Toledo, NY, LA, Memphis, and Atlanta choose to complete their film training at Motion Picture Institute because of the professional foundation and real filmmaking experiences they can receive at MPI beginning the very first day. Click on the semester tabs and learn how you can train here, and go anywhere.

Click on the course sequence tab and learn how you can train here, and go anywhere.

The Motion Picture Production Program Course Sequence

First Term:

SCN 112 - Screenwriting 1: Writing the Short
DIR 114 - Film Directing 1: Visual Storytelling
CIN 116 - Cinematography 1: Image Capture and the Camera
PRL 118 -  Production Lab 1: Production Principles
EDL 120 - Edit Lab 1: Introduction to Digital Editing
PRM 122 - Production Management: Breaking down a Film

Second Term:

SCN 212 - Screenwriting 2: Writing the Thesis Short
DIR 214 - Film Directing 2: Directing Talent
CIN 216 - Cinematography 2: Cinematic Elements and Visual Organization
PRL 218 - Production Lab 2: Lighting for Film
PRL 219 - Field Audio Recording:
EDL 220 - Edit Lab 2: Advanced Digital Editing

Third Term:

SCN 312 - Screenwriting 3: Story Development
DIR 314 - Film Directing 3: The Independent Filmmaker 
CIN 316 - Cinematography 3: Advanced Cinematic Techniques and the Camera
PRL 318 - Production Lab 3: The Camera Assistant
PRL 319 - Advanced Production Lab: The Film Short
EDL 320 - Edit Lab 3: Post Production Sound

Fourth Term:

PRL 400 - Grip and Electric Lab:
CCO 410 - Crew Call: The Production Office Team
SCN 412 - Screenwriting 4: First Draft
DIR 414 - Film Directing 4: Thesis Production
PRL 416 - Production Lab 4: Thesis Production
PRL 418 - Production Lab 5: Commercial Production Techniques
EDL 420 - Edit Lab 4: Into to Adobe After Effects
PRM 422 - Production Management 2: Film Budgeting

Fifth Term:

FPF 500 - Feature Producing: Film Finance, Marketing and Distribution 
SCN 512 - Screenwriting 5: The Business of Screenwriting
DIR 514 - Film Directing 5: Creative Analysis
FCP 515 - Film Career Preparation: The Business of Freelance
EDL 520 - Edit Lab 5: Advanced Post Production
TFA 530 - Technical Film Analysis Developing the Critical Eye

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