Student Film Spotlight

Alexander Gasparetto

The Whistle Motion Picture Institute student film project - IMG_7429-EditAlex is a 2014 graduate of The Motion Picture Production Program.  He is the co-founder and creative director of Lunar Flame Pictures and has been a digital media artist for the last six years.  Since graduating he has directed numerous projects for commercial clients and served as an assistant editor on the feature film Darcy.
Alex's skillsets and thorough understanding of the entire production process is what enables him to excel at jobs from cinematographer to production designer.  His directorial debut short film, Asphyxia has showcased in a variety of local festivals including the Trinity International Film Festival in Detroit where he was presented with the Best Artist Award in 2015.  More recently his film Akoma took home the grand prize at the Click on Detroit WDIV Film Challenge.  His films exemplify true visual story-telling and most often center around strong female leads making him a local filmmaker to keep an eye on.


Asphyxia tells a story about a girl who is tormented by mental illness.

Jonathan D'Ambrosio

The Whistle Motion Picture Institute student film project - mqdefaultJon is a 2013 graduate of The Motion Picture Production Program.  During his time at Motion Picture Institute he wrote, directed and produced several films.  He took the extraordinary step of making all this films period pieces which required additional time to reproduce a variety of eras.  They ranged from the early twentieth century African Serengeti to the nineteen thirties Germany.  All of Jon's films paid great attention to detail as he put a tremendous amount of effort into the production design of his films of which can be viewed below.

The Whistle

The Whistle is a story about a Jewish girl who escapes a regiment of German soldiers as they round up her family and neighbors to be taken to a concentration camp.


Set in the 1950s, Broken follows an abusive relationship between a mother and a daughter.


Far Beyond the Reservoir

Alone in the African desert, a trio of unlikely poachers find themselves haunted by the spirits of the animals they've killed.