Sam Kadi on FOX 2 talking about Little Gandhi

LITTLE GANDHI, directed and produced by award winning director Sam Kadi (THE CITIZEN), tells the heart-wrenching tragic tale of iconic Syrian peace activist Ghiyath Matar. The story of Matar, dubbed “Little Gandhi” for his strict code of nonviolent protest, takes viewers through the Syrian people’s peaceful pursuit of freedom and democracy only to be met with live ammunition from the Syrian regime. While the documentary follows the story of one young peaceful man, it also reflects the plight of all Syrians in their long fight for freedom.
Little Gandhi, the winner of "Excellence in Filmmaking” award at the 2016 European Independent Film Festival (Paris), captures the essence of the Syrian revolution and shares with audience “The Lost Truth of the Syrian Uprising”.
Director Sam Kadi was invited for two special screenings of his film "Little Gandhi" in Washington, DC, earlier this year. The first screening took place on the Hill for Members of Congress, while the other was at the US Navy Memorial with keynote speaker Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights, Tom Malinowski. 

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