Made-In-Michigan Film Festival

The 2017 Made-In-Michigan Film Festival has accepted five MPI alumni films into their three day festival. These films include Rob Butler's sports drama The Girl on the Mat, Andy Bisaha's drama-thriller Devout, Ashray Dravidian's experimental film Interlude, Molade Balogun's dark comedy Menacing Matrimony, and Aric Prebelich's science fiction Surreptitious. Rob Butler graduated in 2007, Andy Bisaha in 2013, Ashray Dravidian 2014, and Aric and Molade graduated this recent year, 2016.  Many MPI alumni also made up much of the cast and crew on these films. The festival showcases films made exclusively from the state of Michigan. Located in Frankenmuth, the films will all be shown on Saturday, February 4th, with the exception of Surreptitious, which will be the following day, on Sunday February 5th. You can find the full listing, and ticket information at Below is a trailer for Molade's Menacing Matrimony. 

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