MPI grads in the Oakland Press

By Monica Drake @monica_adele on TwitterOrtonville resident Robert Butler debuted “The Girl on the Mat” for a sold out crowd at Royal Starr Film Festival at Emagine Royal Oak last weekend.  And the audience loved it ­­­­— voting it Audience Choice Best Short Film.  On top of this accomplishment, after the festival, the trailer for “The Girl on the Mat” hit more than 100,000 views.


“Without all of your support on this project, this film wouldn’t be a reality,” said Butler.

“Huge thank you to everyone involved with the Royal Starr Film Festival, I truly appreciate the venue, the opportunity, the press and support you have given myself, as well as to the other filmmakers.”

Butler (middle) is pictured with “The Girl on the Mat” Producer Harper Michelle Shecter (left) and Executive Producer Steve Hubbard (right).

Shecter said, “It was an absolute honor for us to have ‘The Girl on the Mat’ win. More so, we consider this to be a victory for the women out there that have been told ‘no’ because of their gender.”

“We want our film to be a stark reminder to everyone that almost any achievement or ability can be obtained with enough willpower regardless of any ludicrous stigma.”

For more information on the short film, visit


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