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Motion Picture Institute - A Film School Near Jackson

For over 20 years, Motion Picture Institute has been providing students from around the country with a professional environment to develop their filmmaking career.

Film School near Saginaw

The Motion Picture Institute (MPI) in Troy enables you to establish a successful career in the entertainment industry without leaving the state. It offers a film program, acting program, and several high school programs to get your career started. MPI’s accelerated program enables you to complete your education and training much faster and for much less than many other acting and directing schools.

MPI attracts students worldwide, and close to home in Michigan. We continue to be the launching point for hundreds of film professionals who now work all over the world from Los Angeles to Paris. Our students "train here" but "go everywhere" with the skills, knowledge, and experience they've earned.

As a technical career school near Jackson, Motion Picture Institute offers students in Michigan a highly focused and practical film education on par with the many of the top university degree programs but at a fraction of the time and tuition. Film, television, and stage production require ever evolving tools and techniques to produce the best work. That means you need to use the latest equipment and learn the most advanced techniques. The top movie making schools let you learn using the most advanced equipment and processes in the film industry.

Film Programs - Acting Programs - High School Programs

MPI is one of the best ways for you to start your acting, directing, or movie production career right here in Michigan. The best acting schools give you an opportunity to learn from skilled and accomplished professionals. A large alumni base with many prominent working professionals give you the chance to work with and learn from many of the best in the business. With accelerated courses and summer camps and workshops, MPI has a lot to offer those looking to enter the film industry without leaving Michigan.

Our Motion Picture Production Program

This program gives students the skills to become a complete filmmaker. Our hands-on curriculum has students writing, producing, directing, and editing numerous film projects throughout the year. These experiences enable students to make informative decisions on where to specialize their filmmaking careers.

At the midway point of the school year, students choose two concentrations from Film Directing, Screenwriting, Film Production and Film Editing. These challenge students creativity, enhance their skills, and offer hands-on experience. Students must select as at least one of the two as a major. International students are required to take all four concentrations with at least one as a major.

Our Program Entails

  • Program Length: 12 months
  • Starts per Year: 1 (in September)
  • Students: 60
  • Sessions: 3 (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • Session Times: 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm, 6:30pm-10:30pm
  • Semesters: 5
  • Semester length: 9 weeks

If you're curious about starting or furthering your career in the film or acting field, contact us today! We have plenty of scholarships available as well as financing options so that every student has an opportunity to attend.