Scholarships are available for students who are enrolled for the coming 2018-19 school year.

Scholarship Offered by Motion Picture Institute in Troy MI - ScholarshipsBelow are a list of Scholarships and their qualifications.

Each scholarship requires the applicant to submit an eligibility form in addition to a creative film sample or filmed performance (acting scholarship only).

Merit Scholarship Scholarship Award

Michigan Student Film Festival
Best of Show Merit Scholarship

1 Recipient for The Motion Picture Production Program

This scholarship is a student selected as Best of Show from the Michigan Student Film Festival.  The  scholarship is based on a short film submission to the Michigan Student Film Festival sponsored by DAFT (Digital Arts, Film and Television) a non profit association to promote media literacy. The short film is judged by DAFT


LEADS! Scholarship

Up to 12 Recipients

This scholarship is for high school seniors looking to attend The Motion Picture Production Program and The Motion Picture Actors' Program.  The scholarship is administered by the Ohio-Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools.

Twelve scholarships Ranging from

$500 to $2,500.00